Split systems and refrigeration

Always maintain the correct temperature with Conform Electrical.

Whether you’re storing produce at the optimum temperature, or installing air conditioning for your customers’ comfort, Conform Electrical is on hand to help you keep your cool.

Our electrical solutions are customised for your business and include a free energy efficiency assessment – reducing your power consumption and improving your profitability. 

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If you’re dealing with food and perishables, reliable refrigeration is essential. Problems can have major consequences; from the financial expense of throwing away spoiled food to the risk of food poisoning – or even being fined or shut down due to breaching hygiene regulations. We can assist with:

  • Ensuring optimal temperature ranges
  • Ensuring temperature accuracy
  • Storage capacity
  • Cool room size – from small walk-in rooms to large-scale cold storage areas
  • Backups in case of power interruptions

No matter your cooling requirements, we’ll ensure your cold storage will keep your food safe for years to come.

Split system air conditioning

Conform Electrical are experts in fitting quiet, efficient, cost-effective split-system AC solutions in businesses and residential properties. We consider all aspects of your setup, including:

  • Number of units
  • Unit placement for optimal results
  • Best options for energy efficiency 
  • Recommended brands for your budget and premises

We’ll install your split system with minimal disruption, and set you up with a comprehensive maintenance plan to keep your AC running at maximum efficiency for years to come.

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