Customised data solutions to keep your business connected.

A fast, reliable data connection used to be a ‘nice to have’ for many businesses. Now, it’s a must-have: whether it’s an unpredictable number of hybrid workers in your office, or customers making use of self-service checkouts and smartphone-based shopping carts, the speed of your web connection can make or break your business.

Conform Electrical specialises in data connections for businesses of all types and sizes, as well as home offices. Following a detailed audit of your data requirements by our specialist technicians, we can install or upgrade a range of solutions to ensure in a fast, stable connection throughout your entire premises (no more ‘being too far away from the router!). Typical solutions include:

  • Data grid mapping
  • Router and mesh wifi solutions
  • Signal booster options and positioning
  • Data access points
  • Organised and hidden cabling to eliminate hazards

We’ll also ensure your system has capacity to handle increased data needs in future, and ensure that public access to your network is both simple and secure (if required).

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